Who Am I?

My history and the reason for this website.


Who am I? What am I trying to accomplish?

The story that brings me here started taking shape a long time ago. It’s about an individual from a working-class part of town with a normal upbringing. I had plenty of life’s necessities, a decent amount of friends, and a mostly supportive family. I earned average-to-poor grades through high school but still managed to pass all my classes. The years passed by and on the surface I grew up to be a relatively ordinary person. The internal struggles I dealt with were anything but ordinary though.

I grew up in fear. Fear of making eye contact. Fear of saying the wrong thing. Fear of what people thought of me. I don’t know where this fear started but it had an immeasurable impact on my life. It strained my relationships, caused me to drop out of college, and led to a prolonged state of anxiety and depression in my early twenties. On the outside it appeared that I was simply quiet and reserved. Inside I was a complete mess.

On the flipside to this vulnerability was an inclination to daydream. There were times when the only escape from negative thoughts came in fantasies about having an awesome career, a more interesting life, and being a better me in general. My imagination inspired the start of many projects with the goal of turning my fortune around, but I never got very far. The doubt was always there and failure was inevitable in the end.

Life improved when I accepted that my situation was not going to change overnight. I found the strength to endure when I began to measure myself by the progress from where I’d been rather than the distance from where I wanted to be. Small steps became reasons to feel good. I was able to celebrate doing things I couldn’t previously do, and so it kept me going.

As I write this, I am a completely different person than I was ten years ago. The people who know me best would even say I’m quite different than I was two years ago. That’s what a commitment to steady, life-long growth does to a person; you never stop evolving. And I’m not going to stop. Ten years from now I will look back and be able to say the same. For the better.

And life does get better. That’s the message I want to share through this website. So that others like me can start improving their situation. Hopefully the lessons that are helping me and which I’m sharing can provide help along the way. So that together we may grow, and together we can achieve meaningful, sustainable success.

So who am I? I’m someone who didn’t give up on better days. I’m someone who never lost sight of the horizon even in the darkest of nights. I’m someone who persevered. I’m unapologetically me. And just maybe, I’m someone like you too.

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